NIER Ingegneria was founded in 1977 – as a cooperative of three then-recent graduates and a well-established technician who shared a positive outlook on the market. They were ready for any challenge, their main focus was – already then – the energy crisis.
Our first sectors were energy and risk analysis in nuclear energy production, managed with the latest “calculators” of that era, those dinosaurs that were soon to be extinct thanks to advent of the personal computer.
At the beginning of the 1980s in Italy and in Europe, a heightened awareness of the importance of environmental issues became a driving policy force. Processes of analysis and solution-finding as well as support for decision-making, were effected as was our whole approach to how we developed projects generally. Environmental analysis, resource management, great industrial and natural resource risks, had become major topics for analysis and research. We consolidated them and to this day our business is defined by them. The end of that decade was characterized by a general awareness of a need for lasting and sustainable development and the idea that projects must be carried out fully taking into consideration varied factors that had previously been overlooked, and now, complex dynamics had become the norm.
So, in the 1990s, NIER Ingegneria put down a strong experiential basis for management systems, process analysis, emergency planning, reliability and safety, as base elements that are culturally relevant for technological development.


The world was evolving relentlessly towards the global village – with an even smaller Europe – and the new millennium marched in with its novelty and uncertainty. It brought new stimuli and an urgent need for change. That’s when NIER became an S.p.A. and we reinforced our internal structure. Then, all of a sudden we were hit by the current financial crisis, whose bite threatened to stifle NIER’s fervency of the previous years and has undoubtedly tested our mettle more than ever before. So we retraced our steps to our first guiding force, that had been confirmed by our interim experience, that is, our conviction in the positivity of reality: our aim is to be useful, first of all useful. We constantly study how to improve our services, taking full responsibility for our choice to be guided by the desire, by the idea to do more, all the while stabilizing and if possible increasing our team’s numbers, creating networks, concentrating on innovation and research and reaching towards foreign markets. We won’t wait for tomorrow’s world, we feel that responsibility for change starts with us, change for our clients and for our nation.