NIER Ingegneria’s raison d’être lies in the full satisfaction and growth it brings about in the companies and institutions that it serves.
Our first priority is to provide services that can effectively solve our clients’ expressed and hidden needs.
It comes natural for us to face the world with an attentive and curious outlook. We analyze organizations, processes, machinery and infrastructures so we can get a deep understanding of their real needs.
We leverage our experience and competency, with commitment and dedication, to find the best case-specific solutions, so we can overcome clients’ needs, effectively improving the organizations we work with.
It is truly our pleasure to discover that in thirty years of consulting a wide variety of clients, from central public administration to local organizations, from health agencies to multi-utilities, from small to medium businesses to large national and multinational firms; our clients continue to put their trust in our services, time and time again. That pleasure motivates us to further service, seasoned by our passion and expertise.


A risk to evaluate, a territory to safeguard, a new alternative energy to verify, a management system to implement, reliability of a vehicle to guarantee, a safety plan to manage. NIER Ingegneria is a single provider of all these services and more, a reference point for myriad needs, from local projects to complex plans across multi-sited organizations.
We work without fearing change, without worrying about having to reinvent ourselves, we’re strong thanks to the experience we’ve already had. Our flexibility has always augmented the variety of our capabilities and experiences, guiding us into unexplored sectors of business and emboldening us so we can offer singular solutions to our diverse clientele and working environments. New events, markets and clients have always driven us to be open towards research and new discoveries. We never tire of seeking out original ideas and getting involved in projects that are increasingly efficient and cutting edge.


Some 120 professionals come together for a single reason: to be of service. This is the fount of the energy behind our work. Direct experience, professional growth, acquiring new specializations: each individual’s contributions are the driving power behind our company.
We believe strongly in professional training, in stimulating individuals’ ideas, in creativity and  honesty in relationships and actions, in transparency and responsibility towards collaborators, clients and partners. We view our relationships with clients as constant opportunity: working together, in an ongoing dialogue, with open minds and careful attention. These factors come together to improve the quality of the work we do and increase the benefits and satisfaction we have in carrying out our work until we’ve completed every last bit of it.