Along our pathway we’ve often encountered professionals and companies that have become fellow travelers with us, with whom we reciprocally improve skills and solution-finding capability. In 1998 we felt the need to provide 360 degree corporate consultancy to our clients and so we joined forces with Valore Impresa. In 2002, the new technology revolution compelled us to make a courageous move: we combined the IT area of NIER Ingegneria with a professional partner to create NSI - Nier Soluzioni Informatiche: software, infrastructures, digital security, web.
The challenge to offer turnkey solutions sparked our participation in two consortiums, as team leaders:
Tecnion, dedicated to integrated architecture and engineering, from design to project management;
Cometa, consultancy for institutions and companies.
Our group is made up of a network of more than 300 professionals, specialized in diverse areas and equipped with decades of proven experience. That is an impressive number as we look back over our past, a small number as we look forward toward the road that lies before us.