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19 Novembre 2019

A new research project in NIER to learn about High Performance Computing

On November 14 2019, a small delegation of NIER partecipated to the Kick off meeting of the SHAPE-PRACE project. The project is supported by CINECA High Performance Computing (HPC) and it is titled  Deep Learning for Video and Time Series Analysis

In the context of the PRACE initiative (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) NIER has been included in the  SHAPE action, that offers European SMEs the opportunity to use HPC. All successful applicants to the SHAPE programme receive assistance from a PRACE HPC expert and access to major computing facilities. NIER is proud to collaborate with CINECA and their HPC experts, that will support us entering this fascinating discipline.

The project aims at implementing a Deep Neural Network  that classifies human tasks and computes mental workload’s measurement based on eye-tracking and electroencephalogram data, combined with video analysis during driving test.   The activities foreseen during the project will facilitate the acquisition of new skills related to HPC and Machine Learning and will have an impact on the services provided by NIER related to road safety . The project’s expected impacts also include the acquisition of new clients, provision of new activities and consequently the increasing of our potentials.

The kick off took place at CINECA facility and included an overwhelming visit to the supercomputer Marconi infrastructure!

Marconi Supercomputer

NIER delegation at CINECA

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