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Professional Services for the Transport of Dangerous Goods

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Industria petrolchimica YEAR 2018-2019 in corso

Client brief

ENI, a Petrochemical Industry operator, requested the services of a Safety Consultant and a Safety Specialist in order to carry out assignments regarding the transport of dangerous goods (including waste) in relation to the following regulatory compliances:

  • ADR (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route) for road transport;
  • RID(Règlement concernant le Trasporti International Trenoire des merchandises Dangereuses) for rail transport;
  • IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) for transport by sea;
  • ADN for inland waterway shipping
  • IATA for air transport.

Project challenge

  • Formation and organisation of a team of experts in the field of hazardous goods transport to provide consistent and continuous support to all operational sites.
  • Ensure a continuous service nationwide in more than 30 sites.



The Nier Ingegneria team is made up of qualified consultants who are certified pursuant to Article 11 paragraph 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 35 of 27 January 2010; ADR and RID.

For the ‘safety specialist’, staff with proven skills and experience were recruited according to the client’s requirements.


Execution phases


The main tasks of the safety consultant are to check compliance with regulations governing the transport of hazardous goods and to advise the company on operations involving the transport of hazardous goods.

At the client’s request, the consultant also draws up classification sheets for hazardous goods intended for transport, including waste, and defines packaging, labelling and transport methods.

The assignment includes the following tasks:

  • Inspection and initial report, within sixty days of the appointment;
  • Periodic audits;
  • Staff training;
  • Ongoing support: classification, review and updating of procedures, support in accident or near misses events, etc.
  • Help Desk Service;
  • Drafting of the annual report by 28 February of each year.





This figure is mainly responsible for checking and verifying the suitability of hazardous goods transport vehicles entering plant facilities (tankers, rail tankers, containers, swap bodies, etc.). These activities also include anti-fraud checks (search for potentially vulnerable areas and proposal of technological solutions to inhibit possible fraud and/or adulteration); checks at third-party transport companies; audits, preparation of checklists to support staff, etc.

Achieved results

Work in progress: after the first year of activity, the number of sites and therefore of requests for ADR consultant appointments has doubled.

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