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The opportunities and challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution are transforming companies and the way of doing business. The availability and fusion of new technologies and tools make it possible (and necessary) to offer products and solutions in a more rapid, flexible and personalised way. Production efficiency is combined with the need for sustainability. The pressures deriving from the social, economic, environmental and climate context, on the other hand, call for guarantees of operational continuity, business continuity, activities and processes, production and supplies.

Integration into business processes is the key phrase. Quality, Sustainability, Reliability, Safety, Security, Energy Efficiency and Operational Continuity must be different interpretations of the same way of operating, producing and doing business.

NIER assists manufacturing companies in designing, implementing and improving their processes and organisation through technical and organisational consultancy services, characterised by multidisciplinarity and specialisation, flexibility and ability to operate where companies operate.

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