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The railway system plays a fundamental role in responding to the constantly growing demand for mobility, building ever more advanced, sustainable and reliable products and vehicles.

Greater speed, to enable connections, but also sustainability, regularity, capacity, comfort and safety of the infrastructure and the vehicle. Simply put: smart mobility.

Designing and operating highly reliable railway systems (networks, control systems, carriers) with high performance and low environmental impact are the main focuses of companies and operators in the railway sector. Nowadays everything is interconnected, and the railway system is one of the most important examples of the complexity – on one hand – and the benefit – on the other – of interconnection.

NIER can deal, in an integrated way, with engineering activities, HSE issues, management systems, innovation processes, staff, supplier and customer training.

Our services are characterised by vertical skills, both for managing and executing work in the development cycle of equipment and systems for signalling and automation of railway and underground networks, and for project management, monitoring, maintenance and modernisation of operating plants.

Our projects start by sharing customer needs and defining activities or entire projects that we manage turnkey; we help develop reliable products and systems, adopting approaches and methodologies aimed at minimising unavailability and maximising the safety of plants, systems, equipment and vehicles.


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