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Design & safety of construction sites

In the field of infrastructure design and construction, the increasingly complex aspects related to plant design and fire prevention are of particular importance, governed by specific regulations. For example, Presidential Decree 151/2011, relating to the simplification of fire prevention procedures, identifies the activities subject to fire prevention checks by the Fire Brigade and, at the same time, regulates procedures for the relative checks on fire safety conditions which must be complied with.

Moreover, the fundamental element of the construction sector is undoubtedly the safety of temporary or mobile construction sites and the health and safety of workers.

NIER is engaged in comprehensive consultancy for plant design, fire prevention and management of all aspects related to the health and safety of workers on construction sites.


Services provided

  •  Acoustic design
  • Evaluation of fire prevention projects pursuant to Presidential Decree 151/2011
  • Certified Start of Activity Report for fire safety purposes
  • Certification of periodic renewal of fire safety compliance through the Fire Prevention Certificate (CPI)
  • Final and executive design, construction supervision and testing of active fire prevention systems (hydrant systems, deluge systems, sprinkler systems, fire detection and alarm systems, smoke and heat evacuators, etc.)
  • Final and executive design, supervision of passive protection interventions (fire protection subdivision, escape route systems, etc.)
  • Certification of existing active fire protection systems and fire resistance of load-bearing and separating structures
  • Technical assistance during the inspection and evaluation survey by Fire Brigade officials and care of relationships with the relevant Bodies.
  • Assumption of the role of Director of Works, Operations Manager or Works Manager on construction sites for building or civil works
  • Assumption of the role of Safety Coordinator in the Design and Execution phases
  • Drafting site safety documentation (Safety and Coordination Plan, information package, Pi.MUS, etc.)
  • Carrying out environmental investigations onsite
  • Training workers and coordinators
  • Supporting construction company employers during inspections by the Control Bodies
  • Stages and Exhibitions Decree: technical support to clients and companies in applying the directives provided for by the Ministerial Decree of 22 July 2014
  • Safety in environments suspected of pollution or confined according to the provisions of Presidential Decree 177/2011.


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