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Acquisition of the Fire Prevention Certificate for the redevelopment and extension of the passenger terminal at Bologna’s Airport

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna YEAR 2009


Acquire the Fire Prevention Certificate as part of the project to redevelop the Passenger Terminal at Bologna’s “Guglielmo Marconi” Airport, which stems from the need to expand the areas allocated to passengers following the sharp increase in air traffic recorded in recent years.



Project challenge

The project concerned the extension and the comprehensive functional and aesthetic redevelopment of the existing spaces of the passenger terminal at Bologna’s “Guglielmo Marconi” Airport, one of the main Italian airports, characterised by a particular structural complexity and heterogeneity of users. A major aspect of the project was the integration of the existing authorised status with the extensions and new solutions provided by the functional redevelopment, which also contained activities with a medium or high level of fire risk, such as commercial premises, warehouses, areas characterised by high crowding of users unfamiliar with the premises. All the choices proposed aimed at ensuring the highest fire safety standards, respecting the time and budget required by the client. All the submitted options were aimed at ensuring the highest standards of fire safety, within the time and budget required by the client.


The working group consisted of highly specialised technical experts who succeeded in completing the job effectively and on time, drawing on Nier Ingegneria’s extensive experience in risk prevention and analysis in complex applications, such as a medium to large passenger terminal.

All possible causes of danger were analysed (presence of fuels, oxidising agents, ignition sources, special processes and special purpose areas, rooms for the public and non-professional users, interference between highly diverse activities, exit and emergency management strategies, etc.), in order to obtain a complete, thorough solution, integrated with the architectural and plant engineering aspects of the work, capable of ensuring the necessary risk prevention and protection.


Execution phases

  • Collection of the requirements indicated by the client to customise the proposed solutions to the actual needs of use of the work;




  • Analysis of design solutions and construction phases with building, plant and structural designers, construction companies and others involved in design and construction;




  • Analysis of the applicable regulatory framework for all the numerous activities present;


  • Coordination of all fire prevention activities with clients, other members of the project team, construction companies and third parties in relation to their areas of competence;


  • Transposition, control and verification of all documentation and certifications relating to fire prevention;




  • Acquisition of the Fire Prevention Certificate from the Bologna Fire Department for the entire project site.


Achieved results

The main activities conducted include:

  • Coordination and supervision of all impacting aspects for fire prevention issues in all redevelopment and expansion phases;
  • Acquisition of the Fire Prevention Certificate from the Bologna Provincial Fire Department.

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