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Web Technology

We propose the development of web-based solutions – tailored to the specific needs of the customer – for document, organizational and process management (as well as webGIS applications). Web Technology is another way that allows us to give voice to our domain expertise, our main strength.

What does a web-based approach offer?


High scalability and security

The development of a web application allows you to respond very quickly to the customer’s needs.

Unlike stand-alone applications, the Web one is not installed on the users’ machines but resides on a web server (with maximum guarantees of security and data protection) and is updated directly by the development team without requiring any operations on the part of the ‘user.

Our development process, based on DevOps paradigms, allows us to have a continuous release cycle (CI/CD), guaranteed by quality and security control through automatic integration tests and periodic security checks, even after updates that are deemed necessary.


We develop applications tailored to the customer. Therefore, we can implement dedicated solutions that can interface through APIs with systems and applications already in use in the organization. It is also possible to integrate the Web solution onto the company intranet, for greater security and confidentiality.

Furthermore, integration with any devices allows us to access the functions of the devices themselves such as camera, GPS, push notifications right from the start.

Ease of access

In the panorama of Web Technology, WEB Applications can be run on any device regardless of the operating system and the type of device available (Platform Independence). We optimize our applications following the principles of responsive design, to allow easy use on both large screens and smartphones.

The current standards available to browsers allow us to obtain performances comparable, if not superior, to stand-alone programs for any type of application.


We offer cloud-based solutions that provide a series of advantages that have allowed the cloud to become a de facto standard for this type of solution: Machine management costs are lower, operations such as backups and platform updates become transparent to the end customer and are taken care of during the platform setup phase.

Web Technology gives the possibility to scale the application automatically and allows to reduce the costs of dedicated hardware, in particular for applications subject to peaks of use.

Business Intelligence

In the constant search for cutting-edge solutions, WEB TECH services stand out for the advanced integration of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, using PowerBI. This strategic integration enables our customers to gain significant competitive advantage through in-depth data analysis and dynamic reporting. Here’s how this synergy enhances our offers:

Dynamic Reporting: We create dynamic, personalized reports for informed decisions.

Integration of Existing Systems: We work synergistically with existing company systems.

Universal Data Access: We provide real-time access to business data anywhere.

Continuous Monitoring: We ensure the continuous value of integrated BI solutions with updates based on customer feedback.

We support all this with the development of native mobile applications that can support web-based solutions to respond to all cases (field work, no data connection, collection of geolocalized photos, Bluetooth connection, RFID, NFC) in which the use of a mobile device such as tablets, smartphones, viewers, can become elements of advanced and innovative use and interaction.

The applications are designed with the utmost care for the User Experience (UX) to make the user experience comfortable and the use of the software simple and intuitive.


We develop using a variable technology stack based on the specifics of the project, for example some frameworks/technologies that we have recently used in our projects are:

Backend Python, PHP, C#, Rust, Dart, Javascript
Frontend React, Laravel, SvelteKit, Vue, Typescript, Flutter.
PostegreSql Database, MySql, MongoDB, Redis, Microsoft Sql Server.
Git Tools, Azure Cloud, Azure Devops, AWS.


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