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Big Data, Analytics & Business Intelligence

The digital revolution is constantly evolving and NIER offers its cutting-edge Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence services. Our mission is to guide you through a transformation journey, where data is not just information, but a strategic asset that can shape the future of your business.

With the powerful PowerBI platform, we create a synergy between the complexity of data and the clarity of intuitions, allowing our customers to make decisions on solid foundations, the so-called “Informed

Decisions”, both in managerial and strategic terms.
Our solutions can also be integrated into Web-based applications to make the most of PowerBi’s potential within existing software solutions.

The data processed by powerBi can come in real time from company databases, populated through mobile or web applications, guaranteeing complete vision and control over the analyzed processes.

Our services:

• In-Depth Analysis: Through a detailed analysis process, we reveal hidden nuances in your data, paving the way for thoughtful Informed Decisions.
• Interactive Dashboards: We transform data into dynamic, personalized visualizations in PowerBI, creating an intuitive environment to monitor and evaluate business performance.
• Customized Reports: With a tailor-made approach, we generate reports that fit your specific business needs, offering pertinent and relevant information.
• Data Integration: By connecting and integrating heterogeneous data sources, we offer you a complete and integrated overview of your business.


• Agile Approach: Our agile methodology ensures flexibility and adaptability throughout the entire implementation process.
• Data Security: We pay the utmost attention to data security, ensuring compliance with current regulations.
• Ongoing Support: We offer ongoing post-implementation support, ensuring your solution evolves with your growing needs.

Advanced Perspectives:

• Artificial Intelligence (AI): We have always been committed to exploring the frontiers of innovation. In collaboration with BI-REX, a national competence center specialized in Big Data, we have launched research projects to make the most of the potential of AI to improve and support decision-making processes.
• Process Automation: Leverage automation to optimize operational efficiency, freeing resources for high-value-added activities.
• Predictive Analytics: Embrace the future with advanced models that help you anticipate trends, prepare for challenges, and seize emerging opportunities.
• Resource Optimization: Through detailed data analysis, identify areas for improvement to optimize resources and reduce unnecessary costs.

Step into the corporate future with our advanced services. We’re here to help you discover and unlock the full potential of your data, shaping a successful path over time.


• Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
• TensorFlow
• Python
• Microsoft PowerBI


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