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Tech Products Design & Development

One of the main characteristics of the digital era is the increasingly widespread and important role of software in the management and control of complex systems, safety-related and otherwise.
On the one hand, the software is required to carry out increasingly complex functions, on the other it is essential that it respects increasingly challenging quality and security standards, including those relating to cybersecurity.

It is vital, therefore, to design and develop reliable and efficient software, while ensuring high standards of safety and quality. This can be done by adopting structured, rigorous and systematic design and development approaches, essential for the development of both safety-critical and non-safety-critical systems for monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance support of concentrated, distributed systems and online.
The same approach is followed in the development of Software Utilities (e.g. Data Compilers) which, depending on the regulations of the reference domain (Automotive, Railway, Biomedical, etc.), must satisfy the stringent design requirements because they are responsible for generating data safety-related.

This involves the definition of the specifications of the software and cyber requirements, the design of functional, architectural and interface models, the design of low IT risk systems, up to the development and release of the software product tested and validated in accordance with the standards of applicable products.

Offered services

Definition of SW, system and functional requirements specifications for safety-critical and non-safety-critical systems
Definition of SW and system architecture for safety-critical and non-safety-critical systems
• Development of application SW and SW for embedded systems and middleware
Design and development of safety-critical and non-safety-critical communication protocols
Development of Web-based applications and services usable in the cloud or on the company network (intranet).
Definition of algorithms for safety-critical systems
Design domain models for safety-critical systems
Design and development of products and software modules on SCADA applications
Design and development of human-machine interfaces (diagnostics, simulation and system configuration products
Implementation of standard cyber-security techniques on products such as Automotive or Railway and non-safety-critical systems.


• Waterfall model for the analysis and management of requirements, and for the design and development of SW
• Agile methodology for requirements management and for SW development, testing and deployment
• Model-based Engineering for defining data and behavioral models
• Using DevOps to integrate processes across SW development teams

Reference standard

• EN50128: 2011
• MISRA C: 2012
• ISO 26262
• IEC62304:2006
• Agile Manifesto
• IEC62443


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