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In an increasingly digitalized and interconnected world, information security represents a vital priority for both systems and organizations of all sizes. It goes far beyond the field of information security, and involves all systems used to collect, modify, store, transmit and destroy data and information.
Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field due to continuous technological innovations and new threats, together with the strengthening of the regulatory framework both at national and EU level, and it is therefore necessary to stay updated and ready to respond to constantly evolving challenges.
In this overview, NIER provides practices, tools and measures to protect information systems, data and networks from cyber threats, security breaches and attacks, in accordance with current regulations. These services are essential to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data and IT systems.

NIER, through expert and qualified personnel (with University Masters certifications), provides support in:

Risk analysis: taking an IT system in its entirety HW and SW, the potential threats and vulnerabilities of the system are identified through Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing designed and implemented based on the system under examination

Protection, Identity and Access Management: This includes implementing security measures such as firewalls, antivirus, and antimalware, intrusion detection systems to prevent attacks, controlling who has access to which resources and with what authority; all managed by a Hardening service that supports the implementation of the measures necessary for the security of the IT system in question, whether based on Windows or Linux operating systems

Detection: using tools to detect suspicious or anomalous activity within the system, through constant monitoring of networks and system logs.

Communications security: using state-of-the-art computer encryption systems to implement encryption, choosing the most suitable one based on the context.

Continuous Monitoring: Constant surveillance of evolving threats and vulnerabilities is critical to maintaining system security. Accurately and promptly detecting critical events within systems, both single events that could represent a threat, and correlations between events that could indicate an attack in progress, allows you to predict potential problems or intrusions, improving reactivity and preventive maintenance.

Furthermore, with AUDITOR 27001 certified staff, NIER aims to support companies to:
Training and awareness: staff awareness is an important element and for this reason NIER supports user training to reduce the risk of human errors that could lead to violations.
Auditing and compliance: Ensuring that your organization complies with regulations and laws related to data and information security is an essential part of a cybersecurity service.

Reference regulations
ISO27001, EN50159, IEC62443 series, TS50701


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