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Public Administration

The Public Administration has the task of promoting and protecting the common good, governing the development of the territory, organising adequate services, creating new forms of governance and social responsibility.

Transparency and efficiency, compliance with rules, organisational robustness, attention to costs and investments, social responsibility, sustainable mobility and environmental sustainability are some of the fundamental characteristics.

As regards the aims of the Public Administration, NIER provides support for the energy and environmental analysis of a territory, as well as for defining and implementing policies and interventions for sustainability, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

With respect to the PA as an organisation, NIER has consolidated experience in management systems, HSE issues, innovation processes, staff training and energy efficiency.

Our projects start from sharing with the leading roles the objectives to be achieved, analysis of the problems, regulatory aspects and improvement scenarios, and are developed by assisting the divisions in charge of implementation, implementation and monitoring.


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