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Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP )

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Associazione Intercomunale Terre Estensi YEAR 2018-2019

Client brief

within the CitiEnGov project (Lead partner SIPRO), draw up a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) for the Terre Estensi Inter-municipal Association, following the signing of the new Covenant of Mayors for Energy and Climate.

Project challenge

to fulfil the Administration’s ambitious vision on climate change mitigation and adaptation by designing a SECAP consistent with the sustainability pathway already undertaken and with the territorial planning tools already existing or being drafted (Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan – USMP); to actively involve local stakeholders in the definition of a climate change adaptation plan.


the SECAP was drawn up on the basis of the existing Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), with a time horizon of 2020; for the adaptation part, an engagement forum with local stakeholders was also developed.

Execution phases


Survey and acquisition of documentation on the progress of the existing SEAP and other territorial planning tools.


Revision of the SEAP, the Baseline Inventory of CO2 Emissions (reference year 2007) and the Monitoring Inventory (2015), with harmonisation of data sources.


Collaboration on the SIMPLA project for the coordinated development of integrated planning tools in the fields of energy (SEAP) and mobility (USMP).


Climate profiling of the area under consideration: definition of representative climate indicators and subsequent elaboration of short/medium-term future climate scenarios (Med-CORDEX model projections).



Analysis of vulnerabilities and risks related to climate change: identification of potential impacts and existing resilience elements.


Organisation of 3 focus groups for local stakeholders, divided into four thematic discussion groups (Water, Agriculture and Biodiversity, Energy, Buildings and Health).


Drafting of the Action Sheets (mitigation and adaptation), finalisation of the SECAP and uploading to the official Covenant of Mayors platform.


Production of a final informative video.


Achieved results

The drawing up of the SECAP led to the definition of a mitigation action plan with a target to reduce CO2 emissions from the inter-municipal territory by 41.8% by 2030 compared to the base year 2007, along with 25 climate change adaptation actions. The stakeholder engagement forum registered a very good participation rate and widespread appreciation by the invited participants.

informative video.

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