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Legally mandated education and “advanced training”


Continuous staff training, at all levels, is a fundamental aspect of work contexts. The training requirements foreseen in sector legislation and the “advanced training” for managers are both elements on which all organisations (from public administrations to private companies) base a significant part of their human resource growth and enhancement strategies.

Project challenge

The management of regulatory compliance with regard to personnel training often constitutes a non-trivial organisational problem for Bodies and Companies, as elements such as legal deadlines, staff shifts, etc. must be considered. In addition to this, it should be considered how the responsibilities of the managers of the various organizations become increasingly complex and articulated, requiring, even if not required by law, a continuous improvement of the same.


NIER Ingegneria provides training courses with qualified teachers for all the formalities required by the occupational health and safety laws, both at its headquarters and at the client premises, also providing the service in e-learning mode where allowed by law. Furthermore, we regularly organise specific high-level training courses dedicated to the top figures of our clients, ensuring they are continuously updated on the evolution of the technical and legal issues applicable to them.

Execution phases

  • Survey of client training needs


  • Formulation of training proposals (e.g. e-learning, classroom frontal lessons, in-field practical work).


  • Course planning


  • Course delivery and learning tests


  • Award of certificates


  • Verification of effectiveness

Achieved results

NIER Ingegneria has been continuously providing training courses for many years, addressing a multitude of professional contexts, assisting its clients in the professional growth of their workforce and the continuous improvement of their health and safety conditions. The continuous growth in the number of courses provided and the established relationships with its clients confirm the quality, satisfaction and effectiveness of the training provided.


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