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Verification of the environmental performance of Third-Party Contractors

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A. YEAR 2018 - 2020 in progress


The commissioned professional service shall carry out environmental compliance inspections to reveal significant aspects related to the performance of the client’s contractors, thus enabling the client to regulate their benchmarks, obligations and operating criteria in order to prevent any possible deviations or problems.


Project challenge

deployment of a competent, flexible team, standardising as far as possible the approach and the assessments made, enabling the client to monitor and continuously improve its entire scope of operations and its ability to ensure reliable control of the relevant environmental aspects.


definition of a dedicated organisational structure composed of qualified auditors with specific expertise in legislative and regulatory auditing, capable of designing and managing the related activities, ensuring full and continuous operability of the service and a high level of technical as well as a professional competence aimed at performance assessment and grounded in the technical ability to deal with complex situations.

Execution phases


planning of inspections by analysing the activities carried out by each of the operators, the contents of their Environmental Documents and the findings of previous audits;


planning of the specific checks to be carried out, through the preparation of a specific agenda containing, among others, the following elements: date and time of the intervention, goals, time period to be considered during the checks, verification group, personnel whose participation is requested;


kick-off meeting with the participation of the contracting company, the representative of the Environmental Compliance Department and the representative of the operator being audited;


the purpose of each audit will be first to assess compliance with laws and regulations of the activities carried out by the contractor during the reference period, but also to verify the general implementation of the Environmental Management System, the internal rules adopted (e.g. operating procedures and instructions) and of the first level Environmental Control System;


inspection of the operational areas;


possible revision and optimisation of the survey methods;


further inspection if necessary (also without notice)


issue of a final report containing documentary evidence of the findings and providing a complete, accurate and clear summary of the inspection results, any non-conformities, observations and highlights of strengths and best practices, with indications of applicable corrective or mitigation actions;


management of procedures for closing observations and identified non-conformities;


uploading information on the activities carried out to a dedicated IT system.

Achieved results

A centrally co-ordinated, uniformly managed working group made it possible to carry out high-level audits and provide technical consultation, ensuring uniformity of approach, assessment and problem management, thus contributing to the control of the environmental performance of the client’s suppliers and the consequent improvement of the client’s Environmental Management System (EMS).

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