Commissioning of pressure equipment

Client brief

in many manufacturing contexts, the use of pressure equipment is used for the purpose of treating fluids with a pressure higher than atmospheric. The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) obliges users to notify the commissioning of such equipment to the competent local authority (in Italy INAIL, formerly ISPESL). The activity refers to both individual plant components and sets of equipment.

Project challenge

In this context, Nier group technical experts deal with:

  • Checking the marking of the individual equipment and/or sets therof
  • Verifying correct component installation
  • Drafting plant layouts
  • Reporting the functioning of the production cycle that involves pressure equipment


all as a result of a technical and engineering background that enables them to take on new challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.


Il team NIER è in grado di affrontare molteplici problematiche che spaziano dalla fisica alla chimica, dalla meccanica all’elettrotecnica, mantenendo di base un approccio rivolto alla sicurezza funzionale.

Per questo motivo la soluzione adottata viene in genere stabilita in base alla complessità del problema da risolvere, calibrando ogni scelta alla reale situazione.

Execution phases



The starting point is an inspection at the client’s premises to check the equipment to be commissioned. during this phase, all the equipment’s documentation is collected and attached to the application file.







The Nier technicians then proceed to prepare the technical reports, the plant layouts and any other kind of necessary documentation, in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 93/2000 and Ministerial Decree 329/2004.

At the end of the document preparation phase, the technicians share the final documents with the client, before proceeding with the transmission of the application through the CIVA portal.







If a pressure equipment is to be inspected by the inspection body, Nier technicians offer their support in the field, working alongside the client and supporting him during the inspection.


Achieved results

The ultimate goal is to comply with legal requirements within the timeframe agreed with the client, ensuring a timely, effective and professional service.

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