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Market survey of sustainable products and materials for eco-design of a green supply chain

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Azienda Manifatturiera YEAR 2019


identify products, components and materials with the same technical and performance characteristics as their traditional counterparts, but with proven renewable origin and/or superior environmental and social sustainability

Project challenge

the project entailed searching for innovative products on national and international markets, often backed by corporate know-how and pertaining to developing and consolidating sectors, such as the bio-based industry.


the project was developed in two phases, the first of a qualitative nature aimed at carrying out a market survey of innovative products, often backed by corporate know-how and belonging to sectors under development and consolidation, such as the bio-based industry. The second phase (optional) was aimed at quantitatively assessing the benefits deriving from the implementation of the supply chain with the selected alternatives.

Execution phases


Recognition of technical, quality and safety characteristics of traditional products by the Client company in order to assess the presence of potential alternatives.


Market survey to identify potential reliable suppliers capable of meeting the Client’s yearly supply requirements.


First contact with supplier to examine technical documentation for performance comparison.


Collection of survey results in technical reports with contacts of identified suppliers.


Life cycle analysis to evaluate the change in the impact of the initial product (A0) following the change of material (A1).


Study of impact diversity between alternative technological options i.e. A0 vs A1 vs A2 vs … An.


Collection of life cycle analysis results in a technical report compliant with ISO 14040-44

Achieved results

a detailed technical report was prepared with the main findings of the market survey, both in terms of a general overview of the sector and the identification of potential suppliers of alternative solutions in the national and international markets. In addition, the report provided quantitative information on the reduction of the Client’s environmental footprint following the adoption of innovative products.

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