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Energy monitoring systems for Culligan, a water treatment company

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Primaria azienda di impianti e soluzioni per il trattamento acque YEAR 2018


Install an energy consumption monitoring system in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 102/2014 and set up a consumption dashboard.


Project challenge

To identify the most energy-intensive electricity users and measure their consumption in order to reach the minimum annual threshold of monitored energy, in accordance with the ENEA guidelines on energy audits and consumption monitoring.


Analysis and update of the company’s energy structure, based on the energy diagnosis compiled in 2015; analysis of consumption data at tax counters for the three-year period 2015-2017. Estimation of the minimum number of electrical users to be monitored in order to achieve the coverage required by the guidelines and installation of a network of digital multimeters.

Execution phases


Preliminary meeting and identification of client needs.


Technical inspection: document collection of consumption and plant diagrams, verification of the position and condition of electrical panels, verification of the availability of network architecture.


Definition of the users to be monitored according to the degree of coverage of the measured energy and the location of the switchboards.


Design of the digital multimeter network and defining the functionalities of the monitoring software platform.


Supply and installation of instrumentation through partners and platform configuration.


Activation of assistance and support services for maintaining continuous and proper system operation.

Achieved results

Continuous control of the consumption of energy-intensive users through consumption dashboards. Access via a web-based platform, customised according to the type of user. Consumption data logging and data extraction for the preparation of the energy audit in 2019.


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