Tool for managing safety data sheets

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Ethyl alcohol production and distribution company YEAR 2018

Client brief

Following an inspection by the relevant Local Health Authority (ASL), the client asked us to help them set up a management system that would enable them to effectively control the management of safety data sheets for raw materials, production intermediate goods and hazardous products present in various form in the company. A further requirement was to ensure compliance with the current regulations (REACH and CLP).

Project challenge

  • Create a tool that integrates with the management tools already present in the company and easy to use for those with basic IT skills
  • Define a flow of activities consistent with the company organisation and which would sustain the automation and simplification of communications


A software tool was developed that processes the safety data sheets of substances and mixtures both entering and exiting the company. The software provides users with:

  • a relational database of customer, supplier and SDS information with query function
  • tools for rapid compliance verification of the SDSs
  • tool for the composition of the extended SDSs of mixtures starting from the SDSs of constituent raw materials
  • DB and tool for verifying compliance with the Seveso Directive
  • an alert system that flags non-compliance of incoming SDSs, with automatic generation of emails request suppliers to revise their documents
  • a system for notifying company customers of the release of SDS updates.

Esecution phases


Analysis of regulatory requirements


Analysis of pre-existing management tools


Definizione del Mockup della Dashboard e dei singoli moduli (strumenti con differente funzionalità)


Tool development: web-based tool developed with open-source applications and a modular structure open to integration


Test and validation of the tool



Population of the DB

Achieved results

Creation of a customized tool for the management of Customer Safety Data Sheets.

Mockup Dashboard


DataBase Population

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