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Application of the anti-Covid19 protocol for the Large Retail Distribution sector.

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Primary company of the Large Organized Distribution YEAR 2020


Verify the correct and timely application of the Covid-19 infection risk reduction protocol by workers, both in activities in contact with the public (e.g. shops and shops) and in logistics management activities.

Project challenge

The complexity of large-scale retailing has always been an important test case for verifying the functionality of each of the processes involved. The sector is also one of the strategic national sectors, being linked to the sale of food products. The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has put the industry to the test as it has been unable to close down its operations and has been called upon to respond robustly and promptly to the urgency of the crisis. Therefore, it was necessary to define an articulated company protocol to reduce the risk of contagion, to be implemented quickly and applied effectively.


This was done through the simultaneous deployment of numerous very experienced auditors in the field of occupational safety and with in-depth knowledge of the operational processes typical of the sector in question. The team of auditors, assisted by a specially selected coordination structure, worked promptly and accurately, monitoring each of the operational sites (shops, warehouses, distribution centres, etc.) on a weekly basis, verifying the correct application of the protocol by the workers and providing the client with valuable feedback to help improve the protocol.

Execution phases


Definition of the coordination structure and the auditor team;


Periodic planning of inspections and inspections;


Continuous reporting of audit results and improvement proposals.

Achieved results

More than 200 weekly inspections of audited workplaces (shops, warehouses, etc.) were carried out over a two-month period.

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