Professional occupational health and safety services for the Large Retail Distribution sector

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Primary company of the Large Organized Distribution YEAR 2011-2019 in corso

Client brief

Analyse, assess and manage the health and safety aspects of workers in relation to work activities carried out in all workplaces, and provide training to each of the organisation’s workers.

Project challenge

The Large Retail Distribution sector (Italian acronym GDO) is one of the most important economic sectors, characterised by an increasing search for efficiency and continuous product and process innovation. This context means that the workforce involved, especially for the sector’s major players, must be put in a position to operate in absolute safety in whatever conditions they find themselves in (e.g. production plants, points of sale, road transport, etc.), through continuous improvement of the state of the sites and personal skills.


The approach adopted and fine-tuned over time, following the growth in size of clients in the sector, has been intentionally designed to operate in an integrated manner, covering all issues relating to the health and safety of workers, both operational and organisational. The actions related to risk assessment and adaptation of procedures and operating instructions have also been accompanied, over the years, by an extensive and widespread training activity, which has involved (and continues to involve) about 20,000 workers.

Esecution phases


Identification of risk factors, risk assessment and establishment of safety measures



drafting of procedures and operating instructions



workplace inspections and documentation checks



verification of the application of protection and prevention measures



execution of first and second party audits



proposal of info/training programmes



provision of training for workers, supervisors and employees

Achieved results

The main activities conducted include:

– Design, planning and continuous delivery of occupational health and safety training for about 20,000 employees.

– Support for the implementation and management of the occupational health and safety management system in accordance with international standards OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001.

– Carrying out specific risk assessments of all kinds (e.g. fire risk, explosive atmospheres, electrical risk, lighting and microclimate, work-related stress, manual handling of loads, etc.).

– Periodic multi-year performance, by qualified technicians, of audits relating to the health and safety of workers at over 300 points of sale and production sites, located in a total of 10 Italian regions.




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