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Balance and reporting of the Group’s total annual water consumption

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Primary company of the Large Organized Distribution YEAR 2019 – 2020 in corso


Report on the total annual water consumption of shops, production sites and offices throughout the country. Goals: 1) reconstruct databases with 100% of aggregate data for the year (in m3 e €) to be subjected to NFD (non-financial declaration) inspections, in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 254/2016 and Directive 2014/97/EU; 2), provide consultancy analysis on water consumption to identify anomalies and potential improvements aimed at containing costs and preserving the water resources.

Project challenge

to develop dynamic databases for a leading Italian Large Retail Distributor (Italian acronym GDO) by examining and analysing a very large amount of consumption and supply data.


A detailed analysis of the true copy and Exchange System (SdI in Italian) invoices referring to the survey year was performed, with comparison and extraction of data on invoices referring to the previous year. The analysis was conducted, in part, through the use of tools for the extraction of information of interest. The invoices under examination were grouped according to location and supplier. Dynamic databases were created by introducing alerts, with reporting of anomalies and discrepancies.

Execution phases


Electronic sharing of available technical documentation for the reporting year and the previous year (invoice true copies and SdI invoices)


Examination and review of documentation for sub-classification into folders useful for further screening.


Data analysis and database implementation in terms of monthly and total water consumption (in m3) and costs (in €) for each surveyed location.


Review of periodic uploads, with reporting of any anomalies and discrepancies.


Analysis of financial terms with recalculation of billing costs.


Notification of possible corrections, with reporting of unsatisfactory conditions.


Optimisation of consumption, through feasibility analysis to implement possible technical solutions that reduce it.



Field support with audit techniques.

Achieved results

The analysis of the group’s total water consumption made it possible to keep the costs and consumption of water resources under control, an important reporting parameter in NFDs, sustainability reports and integrated financial statements.

It was also possible to understand which locations consumed the most water and to take targeted action to mitigate the effect.

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