Design and implementation of an Energy Management System (EMS)

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Leading company in the multiutility field YEAR 2013-2014

Client brief

Design and implement an Energy Management System throughout the company, compliant with the requirements of UNI CEI EN ISO 50001:2011 and in continuity with previously obtained quality and environment certifications (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001), in order to

  • monitor company energy costs and consumption;
  • reduce environmental impact related to the use of fossil fuels;
  • fulfil regulatory obligations introduced by Italian Legislative Decree 102/2014.

Project challenge

application of the ISO 50001 standard to a complex corporate context characterised by multiple business units and a multitude of heterogeneous sites, plants and buildings, both from a structural perspective and in terms of the profile and nature of energy consumption (over 5,000 meters).


An innovative system architecture was defined, overcoming the classic “site by site” approach and opting for a more centralised management solution that would enhance the skills and responsibilities of the company’s Energy Management Unit.

Execution phases


Definition of an organisational model for the EMS by setting up an operational working group across all the company’s business units (integrated provision of water supply, energy, environmental services, facility management, etc.).


Energy consumption analysis of all company sites and facilities; identification of significant consumption centres (pointwise or distributed) and related energy performance indicators.


Definition of a specific system procedure for the energy planning process and support in setting up the energy analysis, including reports at organisational level (first level) and files at site level (second level).


Support for the definition of energy goals and targets, as well as the preparation of an action plan for the recording and timely monitoring of the implemented streamlining measures and the results achieved.


Revision of purchasing and design processes by introducing energy criteria, and identification of applicable energy legislation.


Development and management of an internal audit program consistent with the company’s complexity and established significance criteria.


Development of a documentation work plan, aimed at full integration of the new and existing Integrated Management Systems.


Obtaining certification following verification by an independent certification body.

Achieved results

Hera was the first utility company to receive a system-level ISO 50001 certification, i.e. the company’s entire operational scope was certified by DNV GL.


Image taken from the HERA website in July 2019.

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