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Modernisation of the Danish railway signaling system

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Leading company in the railway field YEAR 2013-2019 in corso

Client brief

Provide support in the implementation of the signaling system safety demonstration activities, including the Interlocking (IXL), Train Control (ERTMS/ETCS) and Traffic Management (TMS) subsystems.


ERTMS/ETCS: European Rail Traffic Management System/European Train Control System

TMS: Train Management System


Project challenge

    • To provide ongoing support during the development of the signalling system for all safety aspects, from the definition of the safety management process to the issuing of the Safety Case.
    • Development of safety analyses (referring to system functions and interfaces) for the definition of safety requirements.


NIER contributed to:

  • the definition of the safety management process;
  • the development of safety analyses (System Hazard Analysis and Hazard Analysis of external and internal interfaces):
  • verification of the satisfaction of the safety requirements and acquisition of the evidence necessary for system validation;
  • the drafting of safety documentation, including the Generic Application Safety Case in accordance with EN50129.

Esecution phases


Definition of the safety management process (drafting of the Safety Plan).


Development of the System Hazard Analysis.


Development of the Hazard Analysis of the interfaces.


Drafting of the Validation Report on the basis of the evidence provided by the verification and testing activities.


Drafting of the Generic Application Safety Case.

Achieved results


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