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Assistance for the Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management Programme for JRC – ISPRA

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT JRC Joint Research Centre - Ispra YEAR 2017-2019 in progress


Provide on-site technical staff to assist and support risk management work and the planning of activities related to the Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management Programme.

Project challenge

Highly complex project subject to considerable technical and legislative uncertainty. The aim is to plan the activities to be carried out and to create an overall schedule that provides a reliable estimate of programme progress, resource use and associated costs.

The associated risk analysis provides a measure of the impacts of possible events associated with the planning and an estimate of the project’s duration.


Collaboration with the Joint Research Center’s (JRC) on-site working group. Act as an interfacing with control and government authorities. Introduction of the Earned Value method for calculating programme progress and performance.


Execution phases


Collection of information with dedicated and targeted meetings to study and analyse the pre-existing situation.


Re-planning of activities and input of the necessary resources into the provided software application (MS Project), useful for calculating the Earned Value.


Calculation of the Earned Value and of the Programme’s performance indices.



Analysis of pre-existing risks, updating them and application of quantitative methods for assessing the impact of risks on the Programme.


Use of MonteCarlo simulation techniques to study the impact of risks on the Programme and the related mitigation actions.

Achieved results

Thorough planning of the programme with its resources and calculation of the Earned Value.

Prioritisation of risks with the greatest impact on the Programme and focus on identified mitigation actions

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