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Asset management service

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT hotel group YEAR 2019-In progress

Client brief

Verify the regulatory compliance of hotels under management and those undergoing acquisition, provide support to management in regulatory compliance and plant maintenance activities.

Project challenge

Supporting the hotel chain in its expansion phase by providing continuous and on-demand professional services aimed at maintaining a high standard of regulatory compliance and effective management of its technological assets, through an integrated approach to the technical issues related to an accommodation facility.


Drafting of a regulatory due diligence and a plant-maintenance gap analysis on each accommodation facility; appointment by the managed companies of one of our qualified technicians as Health and Safety Officer; implementation of an asset management software platform aimed at managing maintenance, authorisation procedures and the health and safety aspects of guests and staff of the entire hotel chain; determination of energy efficiency improvements.


Execution phases


Technical inspections, document collection and preparation of a technical-administrative database.



Drafting of a regulatory gap analysis on building, cadastral, environmental and occupational safety issues.



Drafting of a gap analysis relating to the operation and maintenance of facility plant and protection systems.



Configuration of asset management software by compiling a registry of premises and installations, a document archive and the implementation of maintenance plans.



Continuous support in the solution of technical problems.


Achieved results

Adjustments were implemented to ensure updated regulatory complainace following gap analysis (renewal of the IPC, updating of health and safety training, appointment of health and safety figures). New hotel business authorisations were obtained. The technical and professional eligibility of suppliers was assessed. Drafting of new Risk Assessment Documents, appointment of Eligible Persons, economic-energy assessments on improvements to plant proposed by third parties.

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