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Consulting and support for Planner and Cost Estimate activities on WBS for the management of a land reclamation project for a pharmaceutical company

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT pharmaceutical company YEAR 2019


Provide activity planning for the removal of on-site waste, dismantling of part of the sub-services, construction of a confinement system, demolition of some of the buildings and disposal of asbestos-containing artefacts.


In line with the document “Operational Project for the Remediation of Soil and Groundwater”, a timetable was drawn up on Oracle Primavera P6, allocating the relevant cost to each activity.



Project challenge

The need to implement a project management system capable of monitoring the progress and relative performance of the order and providing the required reports to the internal client (management) and the end client and, at the same time, to train a resource dedicated to planning and cost management activities on the Oracle Primavera P6 application, applying the Earned Value Management methodology that would allow objective and shared assessments of order progress. The aim was to keep project costs under control in a timely and detailed manner for each activity.


Collaboration with the client’s team, training of the internal resources in order to make the client independent in the planning and monitoring phases of the project.

Execution phases


Collection of information with dedicated and targeted meetings to study and analyse the pre-existing situation.




New planning of activities and input of the necessary resources into the provided software application (Oracle Primavera P6), useful for calculating the Earned Value.




Calculation of the Earned Value and Performance Indexes of Projects.


Training of a junior resource.



Achieved results

Thorough planning of the two projects and cost monitoring.

The client is now able to plan and monitor projects on Oracle Primavera P6 independently from the consultant/trainer.

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