environmental authorisations for the Bologna High Speed Rail (HSR) station construction site

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT primary company in the construction field YEAR 2003-2007

Client brief

Provide comprehensive support in relations with institutional stakeholders and in the preparation of documentation necessary to obtain the environmental authorisation for the Bologna High Speed Rail Station construction site.

Project challenge

  • Environmental analysis and impact assessment of the construction site of a complex and large infrastructure project with the aim of preparing the technical documentation required for relevant authorisations.
  • Carrying out numerous analyses, in particular noise impact assessments, to study the different operational phases of the site
  • Supporting the client in implementing administrative processes involving many public bodies and subjects.

Esecution phases


Inspections, including surveys of noise levels in affected areas, and analysis of the construction site layout plans.



Preparation of a document analysing the environmental impact of the construction site project for the new Bologna high-speed railway station (addressing two successive construction phases).



Assistance to the company during the administrative procedure until release of the final authorisation.



Continuous assistance in the complex preliminary procedure until the regional single authorisation measure is obtained.



Subsequent environmental analysis of the supply route alternatives for the Bologna HSR station building site with reference to vehicular traffic, acoustic impact and atmospheric impact

Achieved results

approval of the Bologna high-speed rail station construction site authorisation, which was subsequently started and continued until work completion. Passenger services in the new HSR underground station with went into operation on 9 June 2013, with full works completion in summer 2016.

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