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Advanced Security and Protection Monitoring System for Large Retail Distribution

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Large Retail Distribution YEAR 2017-2018


Develop a method and a tool for monitoring the level of protection from security risks for an important company operating in the Large Retail Distribution sector (Italian acronym GDO – Grande Distribuzione Organizzata).

The security assessment had to take into account both the structural and plant characteristics of the sites and the management and organisational measures implemented

Project challenge

  • To develop a tool that could be applied to more than 100 sites, taking into account their specificities and similarities.
  • Provide a risk monitoring tool that is easy for area managers to use, ensuring speed and efficiency at all monitoring stages.


For this purpose, a software tool was developed with the following characteristics shown in the table. 

RequirementAdopted design solution

User ease of access and availability


  • Web based software
  • Usable on: PC/note book, Tablet (Apple and Android), Smartphone (Apple and Android)
Ease of data collection





  • Checklists that can be completed without timing constraints
  • All answers are provided with a single key tap
  • Only relevant questions are displayed based on the characteristics of the individual site or the interviewee’s duties
  • It must be possible to navigate between the various sections of the checklist
  • The checklist can be completed without following a specific order
  • The user can filter questions that are still unanswered
Objectivity and uniformity in data collection


  • Presence of a Help Function to explain individual questions
  • Presence of only closed questions with single or multiple choice
  • Awareness tests are carried out independently by the interviewee without the need to refer to the area manager
Immediate processing of data
  • Real-time processing of the defined monitoring parameters
Data processing carried out by means of adequate and coherent models


  • Adoption of models for calculating the monitoring parameters developed with reference to standard methodologies and defined with the contribution of internationally renowned anti-terrorism specialists
Effective presentation of results in a manner that responds to the user’s needs
  • Definition of various user profiles
  • Development of dashboards dedicated to each individual type of user

Execution phases


STEP 1 – Definition of the Check-list

Following completion of initial data collection, the checklist was developed by the project team led by NIER security experts. After the release of a first draft, a joint final revision was undertaken by the working group.


STEP 2 – Development of the risk model

The development of a risk model to capture plant facility-related, structural and management aspects was completed in stages:

  • Algorithm development
  • Allocation of importance weighting
  • Preliminary field test
  • Software tool development

STEP 3 – First execution of the risk assessment

In this phase, NIER supported the Client during the first monitoring campaign, firstly by training and coaching area managers, and secondly by providing a help desk and technical assistance service for software functions.


STEP 4 – Reporting

At the end of phase 3, NIER proceeded with the data analysis and implementation of the reporting dashboard and issued the final report.

Achieved results

NIER satisfied the client’s expectations and requests, implementing a software that provides for:

  • the collection of field data, taking into account their high number and the need to ensure objectivity and uniformity in data collection
  • data processing that is rapid and carried out using appropriate and consistent models
  • reporting phase, which returns results in an effective format with respect to the user’s needs.

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