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Technical consultancy and drafting of documentation required on environmental matters for an Automotive group

SERVICE MERCATO CLIENT Group Leader in the Automotive field YEAR 2018 – 2019 in progress


Identify a company specialised in environmental compliance to provide technical consultancy on environmental matters for all production units located in central and southern Italy.

Project challenge

to consult on highly complex sites, ensuring a high level of expertise and uniformity in the management of issues and aspects.


definition of a dedicated organisational structure, capable of designing and managing the related activities, ensuring full and continuous operability of the service and a high level of technical as well as a professional competence aimed at performance assessment and grounded in the technical ability to deal with complex situations.

Execution phases


Definition and shared development with the client of an organisational structure capable of ensuring a close and continuous relationship with the Client itself. The relationship is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and an appropriate segmentation of expertise to ensure access to the most qualified expert knowledge on environmental issues.


Timely definition of the management process for the required service, integrated with a work-order-specific quality plan.



Handling of requests from individual production units and advice on environmental issues applicable to production units.

Achieved results

A uniformly managed working group, centrally coordinated through a quality plan, ensured the provision of high-level technical advice and consistency in the approach to problems, their evaluation and solutions.

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